We’ve teamed up with a great little Malmö company Folkets Pops.These guys share the same values as us and have a good time doing it. This is the first co- lab of the season, so soon hand made Gourmet ice cream will be in a self pick freezer at Coasters.How does avacodo sorbet dipped dipped in chocolate topped with coconut?

Does this sound ok ?

Folkets Pops make seasonal flavors in small batches,,there’s unique combinations  made from fresh fruit, eatable flowers,organic herbs, spices, citrus, and other natural ingredients
The creamy vegan ones are made from organic coconut cream and /or oat milk.
The creamy Non-vegan are made from local organic dairy.
Some have no added sugar at all.some
With just enough Swedish beet sugar.
Send us a DM if you’d like to pre order a surprise pack to keep in the freezer ready to dazzle your next dinner party guests . (Way better option than a marange Swiss)